Persona 4 help: Falling in love with real life?

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I like how everyone neglects to mention her stupid sense of humor. Someone says something seriously and she finds it funny for some reason... "hahaha Wow whahahahah lololol ***** lol lol hahaa!!!!"

second post hombre
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GlobalCooling posted...
I posted this to the P4 board, but I'm just getting trolls...

This is my first time playing Persona 4, but I played Persona 3. Of course I liked all of the characters in P3, but I have never felt this way about a video game character...When I originally found out about Persona 4, I thought I would like Rise the best. Right now, I am only 10 hours into the game (just met Kanji) and I am in love with Yukiko.

She embodies my idea of female perfection. She is elegant, mature and responsible from her experience in her family's business like Mitsuru, yet lighthearted and not so guarded. She is cheery and bright like Yukari and Chie, without the sudden mood swings and disgust towards men. She is innocent and polite like Aigis, without the na´vetÚ of human life that comes with being a robot.

She is the perfect girl and I am in love with her. I am so desperate for a girl...Does anyone know of any way I can be with her. My parents are rich, so maybe I can pay some research company a ton of money to convert my life into data so I can be in the game with her?

You can buy human size doll from certain adult oriented companies and show them picture of Yukiko and tell them to make it look like her. It will cost you few thousand dollars but you will get your Yukiko. I'm not kidding, you can do this.
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Ghetsis posted...
Darkriku666 posted...
I'm a 20-year old virgin

Oh, you poor thing, how ever do you live with yourself?

Maybe he doesn't want to? Not everyone is desperate for sex.

Pretty sure his post was sarcastic.
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Bumping so Semi45a, who made Nanako comments, will get modded.

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WOW.....that's it I really got get laid again LOL
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Marry her.
Here you go bro