Playstation Plus FAQ - What is it? How does it work?

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What is Playstation Plus?

Playstation Plus, or PS+, is a paid subscription service which gives subscribers access to "free" games (to be explained later) and discounts on games and DLC. For the PS3 at least, it also provides access to unique demos, and unique discounts on avatars, themes and other content.

Free games? How does that work?

When a game is listed as "free" for PS+ subscribers, PS+ subscribers may download and play that game for free as long as they remain a subscriber to PS+. "Free" games are usually offered as free for about 2 weeks.

Do I have to download the game to have access to it later on? I don't have room on my memory card!

You do not have to download the "free" game to play it later on. However, you do need to "purchase" it by adding it to your cart and checking out. Then you can cancel the download. When you are ready to play it later on you can then go to your download history and download the game from there.

What will happen to my "free" games if I let my subscription lapse?

You will no longer be able to play the games that were offered as free for PS+ subscribers. However, if you resubscribe, you will again have access to those games.

What about games, DLC, avatars, themes and other things I bought at a discount while a PS+ member? Can I keep those when I am no longer a subscriber?

Yes. Anything you paid for while a PS+ subscriber you can keep even when you no longer subscribe to PS+.

Can I keep ANY of the free stuff I received as a PS+ subscriber if I no longer subscribe?

YES! Avatars, themes and minis will not expire when your subscription expires.

PS+ is also on the PS3. Is there an additional charge to use it on my Vita? My PS3? Does the program work the same?

There is no additional charge to use PS+ on the Vita and PS3. It does work the same as described above.

What about cross-buy with the PS3 and Vita?

Cross-buy for "free" games seems to be case by case right now. It remains to be seen exactly how it will play out.

Is it worth the money?

This you will have to decide yourself. However, consider the following:

- PS+ was just added to the Vita with some great titles. However, since it is so early it remains to be seen how much support the Vita receives.
- Sony is pushing PS+ hard, so it is reasonable to be optimistic about its future on the Vita.

The following describes PS+ as it has worked for the PS3. It is fair to guess that it will be similar to the Vita, although probably not as broad.

For the PS3:

- PS+ subscribers have received hundreds of discounts and hundreds of "free" games since its inception, including many high quality titles.
- Typically PS3 owners recieve games that have been out for 6 months or more, but sometimes you will get nice newer releases. So many may have already played the offerings.
- The "free" games tended to be a mix of PSN and retail games.
- The release of a free game usually corresponds with discounts on the DLC.
- PS+ updated every Tuesday with new discounts every week and new "free" PS3 games almost every week.
- A typical month saw the release of between 5 and 7 new "free" games for the PS3.
- Most PS+ PS3 users will tell you it is worth the money, but if you are on the fence there are many ways to get 30 day free trials since Sony is now including free trials in many of its products. Also, you can find discount subscriptions online.

If you have additional questions please post them. I will try to address them in edits to this FAQ.
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