PS3 sells 395k last week, vita 80k, Wii U outsells both

#71AdethPosted 11/29/2012 12:11:55 PM
The Wii U's doing great and the Vita's still doing really poorly.

But... comparing the launch of a next gen console to a 6 year old console and underperforming handheld is pointless.
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Vgcharts fails again.
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From: marinerzz | #055
Just confirms that most people are dumb and would rather buy a 3dsxl with weaker hardware and worse games and no free game for the same price as a Vita bundle with a free memory stick and game, I hate this planet.

pretty sure there were a few 1/2 game bundles for 3ds, all of the 3ds come with free memory, and games are subj- oh wait, you just mad, never mind
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Your topic is way off

Ps3 black friday sales was 525k
Vita black friday sales was 160k
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KingTykeem187 posted...
Your topic is way off

Ps3 black friday sales was 525k
Vita black friday sales was 160k

i'll do my best lume impression

Nintendo moved 1.2 million consoles last week in the US. How many did sony move?

Still not bad for the ps3, too bad the superior xbox moved 300K+ more. And the vita again proved it floppyness by not even outselling the

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BruceLee1974 posted...
Well it's obvious,3ds owners come here and brag how well their console sells compared to the Vita. I've been coming here for about a month here since I owned my Vita and have seen numerous threads about the poor sales figures of the Vita and how well the 3ds sells.

why can't people enjoy the console they own and don't worry about which one is selling better or worse ? There is always going to be one that's coming last or first so who cares really unless you own one of the companies then that's different.

Word up. I enjoy my 3ds way more, but I could care less when people scoff at me for having a Vita too. Everyone should cram video game politics and stop acting like they're sales experts. Go play a game. Ya know, like a video-gamer?
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OtakuGamera posted...
Sorry but that's wrong. The editors from big reviews sites who have access to the NPD numbers even admitted that vgchartz is never far off. They get their numbers from the retailers and are usually around the real numbers.

sure would be more convincing if you could link us to an article or proof of some sort

Sorry I listen to podcasts from IGN, GiantBomb and RebelFM. I know it was one of those, but I can't tell you which or what numbers. Believe me or not it will not change a damn thing to my life or yours.
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Actually, according to this:

VGchartz is wrong.

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snowboard340 posted...


This, tc, you should know better!
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Shadowfxd2 posted...
snowboard340 posted...


This, tc, you should know better!

He's not in the business of actually caring about credibility.
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