What size memory card should I get?

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User Info: minimidgy89

4 years ago#1
I want to have enough room to download the free games that come with PS+, a couple of PSP games, maybe Super Stardust Delta, a couple PS one games, and still have enough to download the occasional demo. Can I get by with anything other than the 32 GB?
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User Info: BriceFTW

4 years ago#2
i bit on the 32gb for $80 and i was able to put all my stuff (ff8,re2,parasite eve 2, prinny2, p3p, corpse party, yggdra union , HSG vita ,PS allstar ) + the psn + stuff (UC, GR, jet set)

and got 15gb leftover. so i personally recommend 32gb if you can afford it otherwise 16gb might hold you over for a while if you dont mind deleting / reinstalling games

User Info: yankee6903

4 years ago#3
I have all the PS+ offerings, 2 Vita games, 4 PSP games split between an 8GB and a 4Gb card. 16 should be enough, but 32 is recommended.
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User Info: gambit444

4 years ago#4
Go 32. You dont wanna bother constantly swapping cards.
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User Info: wartpigX

4 years ago#5
well we only got 8gb around where i live. unless i order one. the 8 has got me by so far. but i also dont keep games on it im not gonna play again. some people feel the need to store everygame out on it. i got ff7, xenogears, superstardust delta, plats vs zombies mgs2 also had 3 but deleted when plat'd. monster hunter freedom unite, armored core last raven, motorstom. youtube app, facebook app, and no problems yet. i wont be buying full version vita games as downloads.

im not a dd fan. if i can get it in cart form i will.

also have LBP, RO, Unit 13, dungen hunter, on cart.
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