Game with most replay value on Vita?

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User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#11
* RO


* PS Allstars

* Hot Shots Golf

User Info: USMCinfinity

4 years ago#12
I would say all of them. Silent Hill, Ragnarok, Metal Gear, Persona and so on..
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User Info: nevi

4 years ago#13
Welcome Park

User Info: EffectAndCause

4 years ago#14
PS All-Stars has infinite replay value.

User Info: mmc2679

4 years ago#15
nevi posted...
Welcome Park

LMAO. I played it only once right after I got my Vita and never touched it again. answer TC...try Ragnarok Odyssey. Fantastic game and bloody hard. But that's what makes it so addicting.
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User Info: Kaizoku_Ou

4 years ago#16
Xeedragon posted...
thompsontalker7 posted...
Persona 4 Golden. Apparently some people have played through it 4 times at about 50-60 hours average.

By replay value I meant hours spent doing the content not playing it over and over. And I hate turn-based games.

That's not what replay means.

User Info: Akagehisa

4 years ago#17
Ragnarok is working for me,, I have a 100+ file

The other was Disgaea 3,,, 75 hours into the game and I was only at half of it. o_o
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