Vita sells well and trolls disappear?

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Persona 4 is better than SMT4 3ds

Seriously...? No I mean seriously!? While P4G is an amazing game you cannot claim it's superior to a game that hasn't been released yet. Have you seen screenshots of it? It looks breathtaking.

I like the DS and 3DS SMT games, except for the fact that I hate the lack of battle animations. It's pretty damn boring looking at still images and a little effect splash on the screen, Sadly SMT4 follows suit but the rest of the game does look awesome, can the 3DS not handle character animations? oh well,

SMT4 and Soul Hackers have character animations.

not in battles though. at 1:33 you can see the battle system which is still images of the enemies with effects from your attacks. Your characters are menus also.
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3ds outsold it =)
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