What good games are coming soon?

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Look at upcoming list, laughs. Like 5 games and all shovel ware.
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Ok not sure what's coming out. But there's loads of great games out already. I just picked up aqua kitty milk mine defender and I'm loving it. Favourite game for Vita right now and probably the best game for the system.
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If you allow upcoming Japanese titles on your list, then I feel the need to add God Eater 2, Demon Gaze, Phantasy Star Online 2, Valhalla Knights 3 and Soul Sacrifice.
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It's all relative to your tastes my trolly friend.

I like raid-hunting games or fighters so I'm looking forward to GE2, PSO2 and Soul Sacrifice. and I have other consoles, so there is no rush.
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well, how about fall out crush?
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he is so obviously trolling, why are you guys even bother responding?
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OtakuGamera posted...
he is so obviously trolling, why are you guys even bother responding?

He's not trolling he's just wondering, because as for the Vita games at being developed only a matter if time, when those games are announced, and so far there have been a couple of games announced and soon to be ready for the Vita.
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because its fun
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