What good games are coming soon?

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User Info: Mcnugget2256

4 years ago#11
The only 2 that cross my mind are Terraway and Killzone. Terraway is expected to be good. If Killzone however ends up like the last 2 FPSs, then were in for a world of
Currently playing: P4G, Hitman, Pokemon White 2, Halo 4.
Waiting for: GTA5, BF4, The Last Of Us, Far Cry 3.

User Info: inuyasha1031

4 years ago#12
3dsghost posted...
Look at upcoming list, laughs. Like 5 games and all shovel ware.

You must be looking at the 3DS' list by mistake, 3dsghost.

User Info: godofwar64

4 years ago#13
Announced recently DOA 5 Plus for the Vita.

User Info: pdizzles125

4 years ago#14
I like how you had to bump your own trash topic to get one reply. I also like how you ask for "upcoming games" when most of the big games this year have just recently passed. I.E. Ragnarok Odyssey, LBP Vita, Persona 4 Golden, and PS All Stars.

Just GTFO.
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