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I don't care what people have said, I have personally found PSASBR to be an AWESOME game!

Yes, it's not SSB, and no, that's not a bad thing. Both games are sweet. The graphics and pace of PSASBR just keep me into the game.

As far as favorite characters, I would have to say Heihachi is wicked. Sly and Ratchet are good too, and Big Daddy is awesome if you can get used to his slow speed.

Each character brings something different to the table.

The only character I have played so far that I don't like is Sweet Tooth. I thought I would love him. I hate everything about him. He's just bad.

I think Sony is doing things right by releasing this as free DLC. I'm stoked about it, and it gives me an incentive to put down PSABR and just finish Gravity Rush already.

couldn't agree more. my favs are Drake, Jak & Nariko. As for Sweet Tooth: He's not that bad, its just you can only really rely on his level 1 (which is pretty fast). his level 2 is crap and it can take too long to build up his level 3 if you are playing Timed Matches. Nariko plays similar. Her Level 1 isn't as good but her level 2 is worse. Her Level 3 is one of the best in the game though.

You're right, it's definitely not Sweet Tooth, just me. I just can't get used to his play style, and that breaks my heart because I love the TM series :(
I've really enjoyed playing as every character but him. They are all incredibly fun.
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