Persona 4 Golden is better than any final fantasy game ever

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From: Cybreed | #004
That's because almost all FF games are trash compared to any SMT game

I was once fooled by people like you to try SMT. I gave it a chance 3 times (Nocturne, DDS1 & 2) and every time had the most boring game world and laziest animation. Never again.
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kewldude475 posted...
MegaMettaur posted...
Persona will never beat tactics, or final fantasy 5, or final fantasy 2. From the game play aspect. Persona 3 is great and all but seriously, I don't find it anything to run home about.

Personally, I didn't care for FF2's leveling system.

I didn't too much about how it was implemented in ff2 but I bet if it was fine tuned it could hit home a lot harder. I respect what they were going for, and you actually see the same concepts in the disgaea series. The better you are with a particular weapon or skill, the more effective it is.

Persona is great, but pokemon pretty much does what it does already, without the dating sim part of the game.
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Its certainly my favorite RPG and perhaps game, of all time, before this it was Chrono Trigger too TC. I still would place FF4 as my 3rd favorite game of all time, but its nowhere close to those two.
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carsauce posted...
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Imo xenogears greatest rpg of all time

but Suikoden II is awesome as well, man that epic story was great.

replaying xenogears now

i only played one suikoden. it was ps2

had pirate ship fights.

was amazing. wich one was that. i wanna find it again

Suikoden IV, you need 5, 5 is like Suikoden 2 , really a great story
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lol no.

P4 is good, but its no where close to being the best jrpg game
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Nuff said. I love how unemo it is, that title screen gets me everytime XD
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I would not argue with you, TC.
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inuyasha1031 posted...
Lord_Vishana posted...
It's a great game, however Suikoden II remains the best rpg of all-time.

It's a great game, however Grandia remains the best rpg of all-time.

Its a great game, however Final Fantasy 12 remains the best rpg of all-time :D
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ITT: My opinion is better than your opinion because I said so. Seems familiar.

But my opinion IS better than his opinion!
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Heavysack posted...

Nuff said. I love how unemo it is, that title screen gets me everytime XD

Hrm? Enough said?
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