Persona 4 Golden is better than any final fantasy game ever

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Good satire of the average persona 4 fan.
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Persona >>>
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snakeyes01 posted...
Imo xenogears greatest rpg of all time

This, even in it's unfinished form.

Simply falling in love with the same girl, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. It has the most epic storyline in any rpg game, even past Fallout 1&2.
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Lord_Vishana posted...
It's a great game, however Suikoden II remains the best rpg of all-time.

I agree.
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I would say its really hard to compare most MegaTen games, especially P3 and P4, to more traditional/story driven RPG's.

I feel that P3 and P4 are more like simulator/dungeon crawling hybrid games, while jrpg's such as the FF and Suikoden series' are much more story driven and have more of an epic journey vibe.

P3 and P4 to me are good games; however, I don't get the same sense of story and adventure with them as it makes me go to school everyday, talk to the same people over and over just to build the social link and make stronger personas etc...

Everything you choose to do each day is for nothing more than deciding which arcana of persona's you want to make. Lastly, I think the whole time constraint mechanic is a huge factor in putting these games in a different class of rpg.
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thats why BG2 is the best; it has a great balance of storytelling and dungeon crawling/combat scenarios
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NoJobBob posted...
pretty much confirms vita as best handheld

If Persona 4 Golden were an original game and not a port, this still wouldn't be correct. Look at all the original titles for 3ds. Now look back at the original games for Vita and weep. You can thank me later :D.
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DAMNIT! My Vita's battery died on me right after I beat a boss and right before I had a chance to save meaning I have to redo that boss battle! I did manage to save right before that boss battle but still... One peeve I have about P4G is the excessive dialogue but make no mistake: I'm still hopelessly hooked on this game. Now I see why everyone was raving about it for so long!
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Imo xenogears greatest rpg of all time

but Suikoden II is awesome as well, man that epic story was great.

replaying xenogears now

i only played one suikoden. it was ps2

had pirate ship fights.

was amazing. wich one was that. i wanna find it again

Suikoden IV, you need 5, 5 is like Suikoden 2 , really a great story

thank you.
was wondering if anybody would awnser.
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