Persona 4 Golden is better than any final fantasy game ever

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Trailblazer34 posted...
I was talking games in general. PsVita has an excellent port of Persona 4 (still just a port mind you, but a port true to the original), some lame JP only Tales remakes, and Ragnarok Odyssey. Not exactly impressive for a system that's been out for a year, even without the inevitable 3ds comparisons.

Still a pretty meh list. Not saying vita has a better list, because outside of a couple of games, it's doesn't but the 3DS has nothing going on either. And that's also unimpressive for a system that's been out longer and has actual 3rd party support.
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Great game, but it was great the last time I played it too. If I would have known that it was basically the same exact game, but played as a different sex, I wouldn't have wasted my money.
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played persona 4, but its as great as chrono trigger, not better
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Persona 4 Golden is one of my all time faves, but one of the reasons i like the persona franchise than the Final fantasy franchise is FFXIII. that game really ruined final fantasy for me.
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I can't say I agree. As much as I love P4, I can't deny the fact that it has an atrocious main plot that drags the quality of the game down. Actual good FF games, such as 6 and 9, are great in pretty much every aspect.

So I would personally say (I've only played persona games, so I have no comment on other SMT games):

FF9 = FF6 > P3 = P4 > FFT = FF7 > FF10 > nearly every other Final fantasy game > FF13 and sequels
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While I haven't played Persona 4, I did play Persona 3: FES and it made me question what people see in this series to even call it better than Final Fantasy.
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NoJobBob posted...
heck it's even better than chrono trigger

holy crap this game is amazzzzing. pretty much confirms vita as best handheld

Really? I kinda felt like this was my playthrough:
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I agree Final Fantasy is overrated compared to Persona 4,

Persona is becoming GOD since Persona 3

I like Mitsuru
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From: Xtreme-Void | Posted: 12/5/2012 8:44:56 AM | #089
I agree Final Fantasy is overrated compared to Persona 4,

Persona is becoming GOD since Persona 3

I like Mitsuru

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