Guys I think the PlayStation Vita and PS Orbis are going to have a big conection

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Now those are some special eyes. Just don't tell me what you're putting in my Slurm.
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I'm sad.

I think I got a 58 on a Algebra 2 test.

But I might have a chance to get it higher.

Is this a sign about the PlayStation's future?
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shampoowarrior posted...

Fact is, Vita is weaker than the PS3. For crossplay, PS3 games need to be dumbed down and the remote play is just godawful. Vita can't remote play PS1 games without gamebreaking lag. Videos are actually not so bad.

But Vita can't remote-play PS3 games off of the PS3. It can cross-play some PS3 games with a dumbed down Vita version. Nothing running full steam. It can't stream PSP games purchased off of PSN and stored on the PS3. It has some controller functionality that I haven't tried yet (LBP).

So how is a PS4, which is supposed to be more powerful than the PS3, supposed to interact in an enjoyable way with a Vita incapable of interacting in an enjoyable way with the PS3?

Personal example. Playing from my bedroom on the opposite side of my apartment from the TV and game consoles. Wii U games play like a dream on the Wii U gamepad in bed. Xenogears, a PS1 classic, plays like absolute s*** on my Vita in the same position in the same location (via Remote Play, it plays fine running off the Vita itself).

It's the PS3 that isn't strong enough for decent remote play, not the Vita. The Vita is still running the lower resolution PSP remote play because the PS3 won't be able to push out any higher with decent frame rate. I guarantee that this is what they are going to focus on most for the next console, and they will push developers to utilize remote play more. We will see proper remote play on the Vita, just like it was shown with Killzone.
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Guys, I got a A+ on that test.

This is a sign the Vita will do better
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"Orbis = Orb is"

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pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty
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That would be a travesty for Sony. Nobody wants a Vita.
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The Orb Is Vita

Orb is Life

Orbis means circle

Orbis of Vita

Circle of life

Life is a circle of PlayStation
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