IGN's 5 Vita Game of the Year candidates are...

#21MetalZoicPosted 12/5/2012 8:26:00 PM
Compass posted...
Definitely lose the disappointing Sound Shapes and always terrible LBP installment. Uncharted and Persona are good.

lol, wait Gravity Rush isn't on the list?

I love LBP myself and the Vita version is quality all the way through. I can see how some people don't like the game though.

As for Gravity Rush I wouldn't put it anywhere near the top 5. Actually of the 17 or so Vita games I've owned I would put GR pretty close to the bottom.
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Compass posted...
Definitely lose the disappointing Sound Shapes and always terrible LBP installment. Uncharted and Persona are good.

lol, wait Gravity Rush isn't on the list?

Couldn't disagree more, LBP might be the best game on Vita and Sound Shapes was awesome. Gravity Rush is the disappointing game, so much potential ruined terrible combat.
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#23AvidgamerMikoPosted 12/5/2012 9:23:28 PM
Gravity Rush not being there makes this irrelevant for me. That is just my opinion.
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I think Super Stardust is a great Vita game, in that it really used all the Vita's features in a well done, non-obtrusive way.

I feel the same way about Uncharted. The really wonky Vita features are all optional in the game, so I don't feel they can be counted against it, and the ones that weren't, IMO; were fun and necessary.

Gravity Rush should have been on there. I think it's a legit Vita game, with the only really annoying aspect being the gliding technique. I thought the combat was the most entertaining part honestly.

LBP planet is just an awesome, all around, great game for the Vita. I'm surprised I don't play it more than I do. It deserves Vita "game of the year" if you ask me.

Sound Shapes is great and all, and one of the most stylish games I've seen in recent years, but I don't think it is worthy of GOTY. I still haven't played a single user created level yet. Was definitely disappointed with how little I actually play this game.
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Yeah, wonder why Gravity Rush wasn't on the list..... I guess the story was a little lacking but game was definitely unique.
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Just tried LBP vita demo.. the graphics are BONKERS! (in an amazing way)

Too bad I was never a fan of their series. Would rather invest more time with GR, UCGA and P4G.
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It's funny that they don't just put a top 10 for every system. What harm would that do
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My heart wants to say Uncharted but my brain knows LBP Vita is the best game on the platform. I'm about 22 hours into Persona and I can confirm it's great, but doesn't belong on that list. Gravity Rush is a notable ommission, but here is why:


Greg thought it was "good", not "great". And I agree with him. It was repetitive, the story was stupid, and the combat needed a little work. Still, it was a very polished game and I enjoyed it, enough so that I got the platinum as well as all the DLC trophies.
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Sailor Goon posted...

So basically your only argument for the game not being good are its graphics?


That is the biggest problem with it

Others include, terrible gameplay, terrible story, terrible sound, terrible online, lack of cross play, etc...


Having a lot of terrible KONTENT doesn't make a game good, just like having the bare minimum in content doesn't make a game bad.
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No Gravity Rush is a mega fail
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