I was going to buy a vita, but..

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haha, i play with the troll in the morning before getting my kid and me both of to school and it was only at 3 pages. This just made me giggle =^_^=
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I think what the TC is trying to say is Tablet + Laptop > PS Vita. But that's like saying; I was gonna buy some running shoes but got me a motorcycle and drink instead.
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Troll topic or not, here's my HF, TC.
Vita is a disgrace and deserves to fail.
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LenneValkirye posted...
Troll topic or not, here's my HF, TC.
Vita is a disgrace and deserves to fail.

...you give me a sadface :(
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I think that this is pathetic, and I'm not even a Vita fan. >.>
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dude made it stupid obvious and still got a bunch of bites. i'm not sure what's worse, his trolling, or the gullibility of the people on this board.
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FindmeElseweyr posted...
I decided I'm not poor and bought a $5k gaming laptop, and a $1k tablet.

Why settle for some gimped tech when you can have it all?

You can have it all, except the game library. That's why folks buy the thing...for travel versions of PS games they enjoy. If you're not poor, how come you didn't get the laptop, the tablet annnd the Vita so that you can truly have it all?

This is a rhetorical question really; everyone already knows the answer. ;)
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what a smart consumer. ...farts
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botanicbubbles posted...
Why would you buy a gaming laptop AND a tablet? Should have put that money towards a gaming desktop and a tablet instead. Way more bang for your buck. Why would you even need a tablet with a laptop?

You'd be able to run NASA with a $5k desktop.

i rather blow it all on texas holdem
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