need definitive answer: sell or keep

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Thanks a lot for that list Hydra_Gundam_ , what a troll, adding to ignore list now
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TC is not too bright. He's a robot.
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@Hydra...we should play video-games. I'll stalk your psn later to remind myself which ones we have in common.
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From: ThePonyCollie | #012
TC is not too bright. He's a robot.

I have more karma then you pls treat me with respect
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pics or you admit you like men
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fakefire posted...
I have more karma then you pls treat me with respect

The world doesn't work like this.
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Keep it and watch out for 2013 games especially this year Dokuro, R.O and Persona 4 are epic games
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Nice poll choices TC....
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skyrimer3d posted...
What a stupid survey, yes or no to what? Yes to sell, yes to keep?

^This Lol
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That poll literally had me loling.
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