Thinking about getting one.

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I'm thinking of getting rid of my Xbox 360 and getting a Vita, but I have a couple of questions first. Getting tired of the current state of games, but like the idea of easily(Hopefully?) playing some of my old favorites like Xenogears, Final Fantasy 7 and 8, along with more recent stuff like Persona 4 and Final Fantasy X(That is still coming out for this right?).

I do have some questions though, first of which, this thing is able to play PSone Classic with no problem right?
Is there any indication that there's going to be good JRPGs for it? That's my biggest worry, it seems JRPGs have disappeared this gen.
How about PSP games?
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The games you listed are playable on this. Except FFX. No word on that.

Its plays a select few ps1 games. Like ffvii and viii are playable.
Persona 4 is great from what i hear.

And jrpg's may be scarce. Game reveals are few and far apart but theyre usually worth it imo.

And a ton of psp games are available. Except for certain games like KHbbs and crisis core ffvii.

If youre going to download a lot of games, youre gonna need a huge memory card. Like 16GB. Cuz FF games are almost 2GB.
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there has been alot of JRPGs revealed for japan, ys: sea of trees, god eater 2, demon gaze, that game rotuhiri mentioned, phantasy star online 2, tales of hearts R and more. there just hasnt been news on localization yet. im confident we'll get ys though
PSVita no games?
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Get Breath of Fire IV. It's kind of nice looking, and it was one of my favorite PS1 games growing up.
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Persona 4, Dokuro and Ragnarok Odyssey are one of the top games this year with high critic score.
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Thanks for the responses so far guys. I'll be sure to give Breath of Fire a try, never did play much of that series back in the day.
I can't believe I forgot to ask this earlier, but is the Vita region free?
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The Vita is region free for physical games. Digital downloads can only be played from the account that purchased them though.

If you like JRPGs and didn't have a PSP, there is more on the Vita store than you have time to play. A few games are missing but there is still tons of them, especially if you count the PS1 games too.
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Yeah it's region free on Physical copy but not on Digital Copy, It will not appear on your Vita PSN. But if you have PS1 or PSP games on your PS3 try to transfer it on Vita it might work like charm lol