persona 4 golden :)

#11ManjiMidouPosted 12/8/2012 3:56:28 PM
SaijeX posted...
I smell an orgy!

massive orgy ftw!
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Yuri_LowelI posted...
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Yuri_LowelI posted...
where my wifes aunt lives (we are spending the day with her)

One of my great fantasies. Having a theesome with my gf and her aunt. Man her aunts so hot.

You're lucky man.

It would be kinda odd cuz they look just a like too. Its would almost be like banging twins.

Another fantasy. **** man you've got it all

You sir made day lmao
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Compass posted...
My main fantasy is Manji getting banned.


hEH, SO YOU fantasize about me?

Also lulzy.
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