A good, free video converter for PS Vita?

#1alexg1989Posted 12/8/2012 1:04:07 PM
I'm having a hell of a rough time finding a good converter, especially since I'm running a dated computer, a Dell Dimension 2400... running Windows XP... this thing was new when the PS2 was on top of the world.. I think...

anyway, I need something simple but that will be able to convert my many downloaded MP4 and FLV videos. I have these videos already on my PSP and I transferred them over to the Vita but they look TERRIBLE... I mean, bad. They don't look so hot on the PSP either but they're especially ugly on the Vita.
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Have you tried Format Factory yet?
#3alexg1989(Topic Creator)Posted 12/8/2012 1:10:10 PM
Fallen_Lord posted...
Have you tried Format Factory yet?

I remember trying that one years ago on my other computer before it got fried. I tried using it to convert videos for the PSP, it worked but I stopped using it because it wasn't able to convert certain file formats. I don't remember which exactly... but I may try it again...
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#4Fallen_LordPosted 12/8/2012 1:14:24 PM
I suggest you give it a try and see if it works for you.
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Try YTD downloader, the free version cant download AND convert simultaneously, but just remember you have to convert it to ipad/iphone format, while i despise apple vita uses the same video format, its easy to use, very simple.
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#7WillMaxxPosted 12/9/2012 10:25:28 PM
Also try Leawo video converter. This tool is able to convert videos among different formats.
It works perfectly on my 6 year-old desktop (also runs Windows XP).
#8TheExiled280Posted 12/9/2012 10:27:11 PM
I use Handbrake
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#9XphoenixedgeXPosted 12/9/2012 10:37:04 PM
I use Handbrake as well.
But TC, you should know that these converter programs work best when you downscale from a higher resolution.
Upscaling wont improve the quality on the Vita I'm afraid. If the videos you are trying to convert were already resized to the PSP's native resolution of 480x272 it will look poor no matter what.