Congradulations on Soundshapes beating NSMB 2 to win handheld GOTY

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QuagsireQing posted...
The real handheld GOTY should have been Persona 4: Golden, and there are over a dozen other handheld games that should have been nominated before either Sound Shapes or New Super Mario Bros. 2, but the most important note to make here is that "Congratulations" was misspelled in the topic title.

Sound Shapes was definitely better than New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Agree with you except for the Sound shapes>NSBM2. And I hate Mario.
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lmao, SS is barely a game at all, let alone best of the year.

Also, epic Vitassurance thread, this is.
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This topic is going places. Let me get my lawn chair and popcorns before the army of usual rabid butthurt stalker fantrolls arrives with its sour grapes.

And I don't have popcorn yet again ...

*hands over a bucket of popcorns, butter, sugar and salt on the side*

Just made it in time, the advanced guard is here already.
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I'll probably buy soundshapes tomorrow and see if it really deserves the title it won.
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NSMB2 isn't even anything special. Maybe sound shapes didn't deserve to win, but NSMB2 definitely didn't either.
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Lol VGAs. Weren't Wii U games being nominated for game of the year?
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I do like Mario, but the NSMB games just aren't as good as the old 2D Mario games.
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Sales trump awards.
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Sound Shapes! :D I still need to play this...
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