School Days port for the Vita?

#1Raven236Posted 12/9/2012 3:05:02 AM
Yes or No?

I mean we had virtues last reward.....and Japan is getting a remake of the Fate game.
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#2ManjiMidouPosted 12/9/2012 3:07:27 AM
will it have the porn scenes?

#3lambchipsPosted 12/9/2012 3:18:44 AM
doubt it will ever happen....
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#4ManjiMidouPosted 12/9/2012 3:22:52 AM
Żou don't like porn on the go chippy?
#5AstralFrostPosted 12/9/2012 3:51:34 AM
I have played this and there are a lot of VNs I'd prefer to have before even thinking about a School Days port.