Hey gais, the new Vita bundle looks VERY sexy

#11ChemicalBurritoPosted 12/9/2012 7:46:01 PM
SCAMaz0n posted...
Will this sell a whole bunch of systems?

No, since it's a bundle heavy on downloadable content which includes only a 4GB card when a 32G (or minimally 16 GB) should have been included. Oh, and it's $300.

I imagine Sony sold a bunch of Vitas at Amazon on Black Friday (for $180), but this bundle won't move at all.
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#12kdiz4321Posted 12/9/2012 7:49:33 PM
Short answer: no.

Long answer: The vita hasn't sold at all except when the bundles were on sale during Black Friday for $180-200. So for a bundle to get those sales it will have to offer a similar value. Like someone said above no one cares about 3G; it doesn't do anything for the system and people aren't paying $50 extra just to get it. So compared to the BF bundles that actually had games that people wanted to buy and were at least $100 cheaper, this bundle is actually pretty bad.
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This is a hundred dollars more than the bundle AT&T is selling, and that one has a larger memory card.
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