Why is the Vita called a Vita and not PSP2?

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Because Vita was supposed to be ironic. Vita = life, when in PS Vita's case, it equals death.

LOL too funny.
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I don't like Vita because it reminds me of Square Enix's recent policies when it comes to naming characters: it either sounds Latin, pretentious, or both.

Naming it the PSP2 would've been horrible. It doesn't sound good and outside of Japan, the PSP has a pretty bad reputation. Besides, how many people would just confuse it for a new model? Or the PSP 2000?

Even at the beginning of its launch, so many people thought the 3DS was just a new DS model. That's because the names were so similar and anybody who didn't log into gamefaqs or keep up with gaming news would've just passed it off as another DS.

The name Vita is fine...

I work in the electronics department at KMart, and I still run into people that have little to no idea what the difference between the 3DS and the DS is on a near constant basis.
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You guys are all wrong. I actually helped the company with the naming.

Because it a "PSP 2" would give a subliminal message of inferiority AGAINST the "3" in "3DS".

Really.. No.. Seriously..

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They probably wanted to get away from the negative stigma of the PSP name for everyone except Japan. They didn't foresee the Vita doing much worse, however. It's not their fault though, very few people did.
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im guessing they want it to connect to the PS4 somehow, if the PS4 is called orbis, then orbis vitae would mean the circle of life. pretty deep stuff
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PSP is already a pretty long "name" to pronounce.
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PSP2 is even longer and, if you ask me, ugly.
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sony still names vita fw updates psp2updat.pup

so it is still psp2 in a way.
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j2zon2591 posted...
You guys are all wrong. I actually helped the company with the naming.

Because it a "PSP 2" would give a subliminal message of inferiority AGAINST the "3" in "3DS".

Really.. No.. Seriously..

*hic *hic*

I can see where you're coming from. I think things would have gone differently if it had been PS3 versus Xbox 2. I also think that Sony should have used 4G instead of 3G. (3G sounds like 3D in Japanese.) Every 3G model of the Vita is like advertising for the 3DS.
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Because naming PSP2 will imply backward support of original PSP physical games. And the fact is the Vita can't.

Then why wasn't the PS3 renamed?

PS3 fat can play ps2 physical games,but PS3 slim can't.

Don't forget we can DL PS2 games on the Slim and all models can play PS1 games... I don't know if thats a plus or negative to some though.
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