If Nintendo and Sony were dangingly off a cliff and you could only save one...

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Nope, no fanboys on this board, lol.

Totally unbiased;)

That's so funny coming from you.

Yep, very funny coming from someone who owns all released systems vs. those who can't or won't buy the other systems.

What's the last grade you completed in school? 8th?

that really just makes you come off as a douche with money to burn.

So being a real gamer who plays and owns all systems makes you a douche? Lol, you really are just as pathetic as the rest of the fanboys. And you obviously have a **** job or no job at all, because any decent paying job allows you to have the things you want.

Now go pull your trailer out of the ditch and play the only system you own, as I'm tired of speaking with you.

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This topic totally isn't biased by the board it is on.

Anyway, Nintendo. Any game I want on the PS3, I can just get for the 360 instead.
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that was such a brilliant post compa, must have taken all day to think it up!
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*sigh* Nintendo.
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I'd save Nintendo. It's profitable on its own. I think we've all had enough "too big to fail" over the last few years...
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I'd save Nintendo. Sorry Sony but me and the big N go back to when i was 5, that and he's got Zelda!

But you did deliver a more advanced handheld for the time, PSP vs DS is incomparable.
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Maybe if the embodiement was Nathan Drake i'd save Sony, but Kratos? heck no. How many times has Kratos killed that poor old man in God of War 1 THE EXACT SAME WAY.

Let me give you a hand Mario :D
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I would save nintendo
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I'd save mario because Kratos could pull himself back up
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Better nhardware pushing the boundaruis of gaming... while nintendo is being..... only nintendo