If Nintendo and Sony were dangingly off a cliff and you could only save one...

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Sony. Nintendo hasn't been good since the SNES days.

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Kick them both off the cliff.

SEGA rises again!!!


Third. Kill em all in the name of sega.

lol I never realized so much sega love! I want this too :D

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AceAndJunpei posted...
Nope, no fanboys on this board, lol.

Totally unbiased;)

just about to say that . Then again, putting this on the Vita board is the only way to make the debate seem even close.
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I would not kick Kratos off a cliff. He would just climb his way back out of hell and hunt me down to the ends of the earth.
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Nintendo easily. Sony's first party things aren't as good and they either don't own or don't really make the IP's I like anymore (ex: Crash, Jak, Ratchet, don't care for Uncharted/GOW). They have a better console for multiplatform games, but I can just get all of those for PC if necessary or maybe they'd make more Wii/Wii U versions of games if Playstation didn't exist.
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Nintendo,1000 times Nintendo,but if this happens another time after that I'll at least think about it first.
Worst fanboys-Sony's...maybe PC.
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I was going to say Sony, but then TC just had to make its avatar Kratos of all people. I can't stand that guy.

So, given the characters, I'd save Nintendo. If it were anyone else but Kratos, Sony. >.>
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AceAndJunpei posted...
Nope, no fanboys on this board, lol.

Totally unbiased;)

A chunk of posters voted for Sega. Sega owns the Vita now?

Stop trolling and living in your own dreamland.
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And then we reminded all the good girls, and boys that Sega hates to update or localize (quickly) the Phantasy Star games.

Or that there hasn't been a good Sonic since colours. Generations was good, but it was more of an HD pack of already awesome zones/levels.

I'm sorry...I want to love Sega, but they're so slap happy. I just want to buy your games Sega!
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I'd convince them to save each other or not be saved at all. Nintendo and Sony were partners once. The world almost had a Nintendo Play Station instead of the Nintendo 64 and Sony PlayStation separately. As good as those consoles were by themselves can you imagine what they would have been together?

Let them work together or die together.
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