Dream Scenario: Atlus sells the Persona franchise to Square Enix and Toriyama

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Dream? More like a complete nightmare.

SE should now be everything Atlus is now and more, but they got big-headed, and it's hurting their games.

S***, Atlus has been the top Japanese based developer/publisher for a while now.
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From: JulesNeci | #021
That thing would NEVER come out.

That would be the best part about it.
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king_gimpy posted...
From: JulesNeci | #021
That thing would NEVER come out.

That would be the best part about it.
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ManjiMidou posted...
Gets to direct Persona 5.


Dream Scenrio: There are no more Persona games. Or Atlus games for that matter.
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Rightnigusona 5: Lightning's Heart

Every female character looks like lightning and the main character looks like Toriyama. There is no friendzone paths, all lead to bed-time with lightning. Leveling and fusing Persona(which also all look like lightning) don't really matter, you just press auto to win.

Ending battle is a battle to destroy every final fantasy character one by one until lightning is the last one standing. The ending leads to the destruction of the SquareEnix as a whole. Toriyama and all the Lightning look-a-likes live happily ever after.

After the credits a final cutscene shows what looks like Edge Maverick's hand come out of a PS Vita and a timer slowly counting down on the side showing 2 years in hours.

The game will reuse assets from Final Fantasy X and feature the exact same soundtrack.
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Steve_Teddie posted...
From: ShadowRaskolnik | #027
No, Square Enix has been on a downward slope recently. They would just drag the series down with them.

Someone hasn't played Sleeping Dogs, or Hitman. Tomb Raider looks great too.

Except Square Enix didn't MAKE any of those except for having SOME help in Sleeping Dogs.
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Ahahah... ahah.... ah.....

I dont really believe anyone sane would want such a scenario XD
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No way, Love SE, but Persona would be like a mash up between Final Fantasy gameplay and Persona storyline. Aside of using persona, they will have some sort of magic that they can use. Chocobo will become a Persona, along with other related Fiend in Final Fantasy. The series we once love will drift away slowly and slowly away.
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TheExiled280 posted...


Matte, matte, matte! This is far more fitting.

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