Whose with me! Replace your old SquareEnix/Capcom loyalties with Atlus/Sega

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Garfield64 posted...
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Give me some good Sega and Atlus games and I ll think about it

Recently with Sega have you played Jet Set Radio, Phantasy Star Online 2, or Sonic All Stars Racing?

Some good recent Atlus stuff would include Persona 4 Golden, Trine 2, and
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2

Trine 2 to isn't Atlus game. Its Published by Atlus.
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badboy posted...
Atlus is terrible, sorry.
Square may not be in their golden age, but they're still making awesome games.

Yea they are still making awesome games that they wont put out (FFVSXIII or FF Type0) SE died when they added Enix in to the mix and i dont ever see them becoming the great company they once were again. Im still a fan of SE but im not blind

I agree. When Enix came to picture Square has dropped from being amazing company to being alright company. I don't think they will ever release FF type 0 for US/EU.
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Atlus gets no respect from me, worst gaming company this gen
Im buying all Atlus games used
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If SE or Capcom makes a game I want, I'll buy it. If Sega or Atlus makes a game I want, I'll buy it. In the meantime, I'll hope that all of these publishers make good games and keep an eye out for when/if they do.

This goes for any and all developers and publishers. None of this "which side are you on" adolescent BS that the topic creator is putting forth. Like anyone else, I do have my favorite publishers and such, but what Garfeild is suggesting is just silly.

Not like THAT'S anything new, of course.

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SE has been disappointing for a long time.
Capcom has released one game I have fully enjoyed in over 10 years. They are a big reason I bought a 3DS, and they disappointed me.
I haven't played enough Atlus to really judge them.
Sega has some awesome stuff, but I haven't bought any of their new stuff since Dreamcast, and Skies of Arcadia on GameCube.
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OtakuGamera posted...
lol at some people calling Atlus terrible. They've made some of the best RPGs out there, though mainly on the PS2 and DS/PSP.

hm.. didnt that sounds strangely familiar? oh right, Square enix have made amazing RPGs on PS2/PSP and DS as well.

You're not wrong. But people criticize SE for other things (FF XIII milking, Versus a no show, FF XIV screw up, no KH3 yet, no Type-0 localization yet, etc)
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I've been impressed by SEGA's latest efforts. Binary Domain, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz and All-Stars Racing Transformed being some of my most played games this year. It's really good to see them making good Sonic games again, after more than 15 years of stagnation.

PSO2 and Yakuza 5 are two of my most anticipated games right now.
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I'm with a lot of people here; I'm a huge fan of Atlus, but SEGA only has a couple decent IP's (Most of which it makes terrible choices with).

I've always been a Square fan, since I started playing waaaaay back with FF1, but lately their kick on remakes/ports instead of new games is getting annoying.
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as if now atlus and Xseed have good games for Vita.
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lol @ people trashing Capcom/SE just because they don't bring Monster Hunter and FF Type-0 to Vita.