Media Create Week 50.. My vast and supreme will shall be done!

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Nnamz posted...
LOL so much vitriol Junpei, all over your inability to comprehend the intentions of a post.

I walk in here with the specific purpose to point out that Wii-U held on better than Vita did. Week 2's are telling. Vita fell off a cliff for it's week 2 and look at where it is at now. Wii-U having a substantially better week 2 shows that despite having slightly lower launch week numbers, it doesn't mean it will go down the same road as Vita, unlike many others here who were claiming it will do worse.

But you, you're such a butthurt Nintendo fanboy that this completely sailed over your head, and are somehow trying to turn my post into a Vita-positive/Wii-U negative post. It's your own stupidity and brashness (or reading comprehension, perhaps) that has gotten you here, and nothing else.

EDIT: also:

Hey, at least you haven't somehow been accused of being transgender yet like I have:)

I think this cements the fact that you have zero reading comprehension.

#1. It's "transgendered".

#2. I never called you transgendered.


That's exactly what I got from your post. That you were nodding your head towards the WiiU. Ace is actually in the wrong, but he won't admit it. So let the arguing contiue.
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Canas_Renvall posted...
I missed all the fun!

Also, holy crap, I can't believe even Lume got overshadowed and ignored this week by.... whatever the hell just happened in the last like five pages. Wtf?

This sums up most of the thread, but honorable mention to SS:T and MH3:U for getting back up.
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Japan sure loves dem 3DS.
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From: arclouks_x | #041
Im kinda tired of the 3ds selling.that much, in my opinion it's not that good(I own one) but well I guess japan loves that animal.crossing crap

Be careful there, you might drown in all these bitter tears.

From: AceAndJunpei | #060
Maybe Lume can show his cowardly face and explain to us how a PS3 game in 27th place beats Nintendo's crushing sales figures.

What a sad little life he must lead.

Even a harcore fandrone like LOLume should have trouble spinning this into a Sony Success. Although i must say, LOLume, Goon, spirit and co. never cease to amaze me with their amazing levels of delusion.

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ylvis posted...
Vita is basically dead in Japan. Beaten heavily by the PSP, who got a bigger Holiday boost. And Nintendo just crushes everything.

After 2 console gens of being dead in the water, Nintendo finally got back up with the Wii. Which they abandoned a year before they really announced anything good for the Wii U. Of course you are "bragging" like Nintendo was dominating the gaming world since day one, when they were even losing to Sega at one point during the Genesis' heyday.

LOL! Chris has ponie'd his way back into the stable. Two gens of being "dead in the water"? Tell me more about your alternate reality which you use to escape from the evil truth!

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Figured I'd check this thread out.

Instead it's a bunch of people whining about someone who hasn't even posted in here, yet he's the "sad" one. Got it.

You guys may wanna unplug the computer if you take videogame sales and message boards so seriously. Grow up.

Looks like LOLumne is well aware of what a laughing stock he is, considering he has to make an alt to deal with it. Classic.
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From: skyrimer3d | #126
Is it me or the Wii U sales a bit lacking? If a 2 year old portable outsells your new home console that much, it's not looking good

I take it you're new to HW sales? The U is outpacing the Wii and the PS3. Besides, if being outsold by the 3DS is your measure for "not looking good", then nothing is looking good seeing as the 3DS is consistently outselling everything else combined.

From: LuminescentRule | #156

Vita won.. yet again ^_^

So LOLume officially switched to "SALES DON'T MATTER!"... while posting in a sales topic? LMAO! You owe me a new fail-o-meter, Lume. ;)

From: AceAndJunpei | #199
Man or woman, doesn't matter. He's just a petulant little child, and I'll leave it at that. Hey, at least you haven't somehow been accused of being transgender yet like I have:)

I haven't heard that one in a while. I thoroughly enjoyed Corrupted's classic meltdowns. Where is he now, anyway? I guess they stopped having internet access in the mental asylum.

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What the? This is a sale topic right?
Why are you guys discussing about yaoi and yuri??????żżż

I don't see much yuri discussion... sadly...
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I still remember last year's "japanese dont celebrate christmas"

That's a classic moment for this board
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xfactor posted...
I still remember last year's "japanese dont celebrate christmas"

That's a classic moment for this board

Dont forget when Lume claimed the PSP isnt a Sony console. lol
LR posted: And the PSP isn't a Sony console so why would I make that claim?
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xfactor posted...
I still remember last year's "japanese dont celebrate christmas"

That's a classic moment for this board

Don't forget: "Consumers spend more in April (3DS launch) than December (Vita launch)."
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Don't forget that the summer Olympics ruined the Vita sales.
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It's all Nintendo's fault for ruining consumer confidence with the price drop!
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