is p4g really that good? It seems kinda cheesy

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If you wanted a dark game then get virtues last reward. P4G is by far the best handheld game ever
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soupbandit1 posted...
P4G is by far the best handheld game ever

Radiant Historia...?
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Nightmare637 posted...
Mara makes it Mature.

Goddamnit Japan. Seriously. Cut that **** out.
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Also P4 is effectively shounen megami tensei TC. If you want dark go for nocturne.
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Whitecat007 posted...
aak57 posted...
It's Japanese scooby doo. You should look elsewhere for dark.

Scooby Doo never had people who died.

Zombie Island says what's up.
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Lord_Vishana posted...
soupbandit1 posted...
P4G is by far the best handheld game ever

Radiant Historia...?

Second this, Persona 4 can't be the best handheld game. It can be the best ported game, but not the best handheld game, it's not original.
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It's on a handheld, it can be the best handheld game.
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Spotlesseden posted...
JRPGS are not dark. you are looking at the same genre.

You are wrong.
Look at the Shadow Hearts, Kudelka or even Parasite Eve.
And Dark Souls\Demon Souls - last two is more, than simply dark :)
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Vagrant Story says otherwise
The only Vita games really worth getting: Gravity Rush & P4G
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oh lawd, the idiots finally found out about Persona 4. it's all downhill from here.
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Persona 4: Lighthearted tone with a deep overwhelming dread that gradually creeps in slowly.


Don't get me wrong. Persona 3 is an awesome game. It just seems to go overboard on trying to be dark. Kinda like that 13-year-old who writes fanfiction titled "The Blood of the Crimson Moon."

This is why I like Persona 4 more. It appeals more to me as an adult rather than Persona 3's overdone darkness, which appeals more to an adolescence trying to feel more adult by playing a "dark" game, which is why I keep making fun of it through my playthrough of it on youtube.
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