The Vita cards aren't overpriced

#21Lord_VishanaPosted 12/23/2012 9:25:45 AM
I genuinely do feel as if the the memory cards are overpriced. Paying $80 to $100 USD for a 32gb card is silly considering it's propiatary card that only functions with the Vita and nothing else. Perhaps the price would be justified if it was compatible with other Sony electronics. The general consensus of the majority of owners kinda agree. The current card prices are unfortunately a deterrent for potential buyers. Honestly there is no excuse for a non bundle Vita not to come with a memory card.
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THe Playstation Vita memory cards are NOT overpriced. They are INSANELY OVERPRICED!
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#23psoRangerPosted 12/23/2012 9:35:16 AM
they should increase the memory capacity if they're not gonna budge on the pricing.
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Koi_Tenchi posted...
Sony provides me with protection when I purchase their memory cards?

Just what are they protecting me from?

This is an excellent question that I'd like answered as well.
#25Maxi_AdelheidPosted 12/23/2012 9:45:48 AM(edited)
psoRanger posted...
they should increase the memory capacity if they're not gonna budge on the pricing.

This is what I have been thinking for quite a while; at the very least if they are selling a memory card for 80 USD, make it a 64gb rather than the current 32gb to show that they are providing value for money.
#26Unknown_Z28Posted 12/23/2012 9:45:34 AM
ITP wins this topic, hands down. You know why? Because he/she is right. Vita memory cards are NOT SD cards, have no competition in the market and are priced comparibly to ALL memory cards that Sony products use, including MS Pro Duo's and M2 cards. People think that they can buy a cheap SD card for under $20 on Amazon and then feel entitled to have every size card cost the same. Forget R&D, forget security, forget the fact that the Vita is a premium, optional handheld gaming system...just throw all that out the window. If these people can't use their $7.99 64GB SD card on the brand new Vita system, they will complain and grab their torches. Talk about first world problems.
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psoRanger posted...
they should increase the memory capacity if they're not gonna budge on the pricing.

I'm scared to extrapolate on the prices of a potential 64gb or 128gb size. Paying $160 to possibly $320 for a single memory card is kinda crazy.
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ITP posted...
darkphiresage posted...
Sxmfct posted...
Crayonmuffin posted...
32GB vita card=80-100 dollars depending on where you get it.

Same type of card, same size, just not for Vita=about half the price.

25GB PS3 game = 40-50 depending on where you get it.

Same type of disc, same size, just not for PS3 = 1% of the price.

See where this is going?

ps3 discs have full games on them. games that needed developers, writers, animators, traslators, etc. comparing them to prices of blank discs is pretty pointless. vita memory cards, on the other hand, are no different from other memory cards with the exception of size/shape and price. they all have software that saves data. no new abilities, no new tech, no new software, no new functions. they just. save. games. a pretty simple task we've been doing for decades now.

needing the extra cash to fund content manager is bs as well. all it does is move programs from one place to another. the only thing that r&d had to do is disable it's functions when not connected to the net. i don't know jack **** about programming, and i'd still bet money it didn't take more than a few days to develop it, if that.

you have absolutely no idea what you are saying. content manager does not simply "move things from one place to the other", it's a completely closed file management interface that has specific interfaces and sources /.destinations. It is built to interface with the new DRM Vita memory cards have on one side, with a special set of commands programmed into the PS3 on another side, and with a special "assistant" application built into the Vita firmware that is installed on Windows.

that means it has to interface with 3 different types of file systems, and use the correct security protocols for each, as well as correctly scan the correct sources and destinations of files and correctly identify and brand software as compatible or incompatible.

yes, that's what i said. it moves data from one place to another.
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Unknown_Z28 posted...
Talk about first world problems.

Yeah that's right, everyone who lives in a first world country and has money problems; they are all just really cheap people huh?

I like how you assume everyone can just shell out money for these things. Just because you live in a first world country doesn't mean you can just throw money away.
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How does a Vita card give you protection and piece of mind? It doesn't do anything like that. It's just a storage medium. A hugely overpriced storage medium.
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