December so far (week 4): 3ds: 1,118,438 Vita: 54,994

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good read, so the 3ds saes were around 60-70k before it completely exploded, what the hell happened

It got games, something vita refuses to do!
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I went to metacritic and I'm counting 41 "good" games on the 3DS to 34 "good" Vita games.

So wtf there did those 4 3DS games go in Lum's count?

Count again - it's 35 for the Vita. I removed the paint apps from the 3DS list and the 3D Classics - I'm not counting PS1 games for the Vita, right?
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Lume arbitrarily removes some games from the 3DS library. According to him they don't constitute 'real' games these include Art Academy, Style Savvy: Trendsetters and Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. Interestingly Lume includes Paint Park in his list of best Vita games.

Lol. It's pathetic that you have to lie. Paint Park isn't on Metacritic. So sad to be you.
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Pro tip: Japan = / = World

Actual Protip: Japan matters to the Japanese video game industry the most.

More Protip: The Japanese market is smaller than Europe and the US.

PS Vita should get more driving sims and western RPG's!

More Protip: Sony is a Japanese company!
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Cells don't matter.
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The 3DS is nothing to brag about. Software sucks

If you think vita has better software, then you are a pony. If you're referring to psp, I'd agree more, but 3ds has bc to ds, so it wins easily!

Opinion fail.
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If you think vita has better software, then you are a pony. If you're referring to psp, I'd agree more, but 3ds has bc to ds, so it wins easily!

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I've posted this before, but once again it's fitting:

3DS outsells Vita, McDonald's outsells Subway. I don't want inferior hardware just like I don't want type 2 Diabetes.

: p

....then you better stop eating at Subway, because you're going to get it anyways. Worst sandwich shop EVER.


It doesn't seem to be much good of a statement either.

Their "products" are priced too similarly or the same specially on the bigger budget titles (KH, RE: Rev, Animal Crossing, etc.).

"Shovelware" (w/c some do really enjoy and has wider variety on the 3DS) are just budget conscious options.

.. What you're supposed to eat just the "hardware" (VITA and 3DS hardware prices)?
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We still getting Project J on the Vita cue in the
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Poor Vita, it'd probably get outsold by the Dendy
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