December so far (week 4): 3ds: 1,118,438 Vita: 54,994

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The 3DS is nothing to brag about. Software sucks

outside of Japan, yes, 3DS and Vita both have lacking libraries.
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finaljayfantasy posted...

Sailing - Travelling by harnessing the wind.
Selling - Transaction of goods for money.
Which one did you mean?
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Ha at Vita! Pathetic numbers for a pathetic handheld.

2013 is also barren. Seriously, I feel sorry for the people that bought this thing. How sad...
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bigdaddydmac posted...
I've posted this before, but once again it's fitting:

3DS outsells Vita, McDonald's outsells Subway. I don't want inferior hardware just like I don't want type 2 Diabetes.

: p

Subway sucks too
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So many pro-tops in this thread. I better start taking notes.
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So where's week 52 of the Media Create sales?
"3DS is simply incapable of making games as good as vita games"
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