Why did you buy the Vita?

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User Info: Hrothdane

4 years ago#51
Immediate reason: P4G

Ultimate reason: Sony has more IPs I like than Nintendo.

User Info: cimoa

4 years ago#52
project diva-f and DJ max technika is released here, so i bought vita because of these 2 games

User Info: angelXboy

4 years ago#53
Assassin's creed bundle $180 off of amazon from Black Friday sale which included voucher for PSASBR and 3 months of PS+ which linked to other free games.

Oh of course, there's other games worth getting now.
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User Info: antiist

4 years ago#54
I had been interested in the hardware (it did not disappoint) for a time, but skeptical about the quantity of games.

The combination of the Amazon "Black Friday" sale price (bundle with AC3) and the existence of P4G was the tipping point. I do hope the doomsayers are incorrect and the platform survives and thrives, because it really is a nice piece of hardware. (The overpriced memory card situation is a major downside, though.)

User Info: kyncani

4 years ago#55
The DS wasn't receiving any new game so I needed an upgrade.
And I liked the vita games so there you go :)

User Info: blazeair

4 years ago#56
Rear touch.
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