How many vita games do you have?

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4 years ago#1
i have 12 retail boxed games and two retail digital games. just reading on here and doesnt seem that many people have that many games. maybe im over doing it lol.
4 years ago#2
4 retail
6 digital
not too shabby
4 years ago#3
I have 13 physical and 3 digital games. My backlog is huge.
4 years ago#4
Four Vita games physical, a copy of a physical game digital (Ragnarok Odyssey, 'cause my brother decided he wanted to play with me), one PSP and two PSOne games.
4 years ago#5
The only game I have so far (since i got my Vita and accessories and the game today) is @Field. I have Ys Celceta no Jukai on the way (should arrive after New Year's) and I preordered Oboro Muramasa. I will also pick up Gravity Rush and maybe Persona 4 Golden Limited Edition. I might get some PSN downloads once I update firmware and set up a PSN account.
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4 years ago#6
32 physical
0 digital
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4 years ago#7
17 physical
4 digital
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4 years ago#8
1 physical
5 digital

As far as actual Vita games go. I've got various PSN/PS1/PSP games I can play on it.
4 years ago#9
7 physical
1 digital
2 psone classics
4 psp
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4 years ago#10
2 physical
- WipEout 2048
- Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
3 digital
- Rayman Origins
- Motorstorm RC
- Sine Mora
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