So, why is not okay to love Vita AND 3DS?

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CidHighwindFF7 posted...
Didnt we do this once before, with the DS and PSP?
And it'll happen again with the 6DS and PSZ.
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HighwayPilot posted...
Error1355 posted...
I own both.

In all honesty it's best for the industry if both the 3DS and Vita do great. So this 'ONE HAST 2 BE BETTR' attitude is s***.
I would be good if they both did great. That would mean more great games and I can finally buy them cause as of now there aren't enough games I like on either system.

Damn striggit!
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The 3DS and PSVita are both outstanding systems. Wally the Equality Weasel says so.
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some people can't afford both
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Even though people complain about not having options they feel the need to complain about the options they do have.
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I got a 3DS on release and a Vita two weeks after release. Both are great handhelds but I dislike most of the Vita's library ATM. I'm looking forward to a more expansive selection for the vita.
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HighwayPilot posted...
CidHighwindFF7 posted...
Didnt we do this once before, with the DS and PSP?
And it'll happen again with the 6DS and PSZ.

We haven't even broken into the 4th dimension when will this 6DS exist!? I must have it!
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The real answer is ...


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From: Ihavealotofspac | #053
some people can't afford both

That doesn't mean you have to hate or dislike the one you can't afford.
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From: FindmeElseweyr | #004
Older brother/younger brother hate.

Older brother (3DS) is better at everything, and is far more successful due to life experience + age.

Younger brother tries to succeed at the same things as older brother, but fails at them and is incredibly frustrated.

Older brother of course loves younger brother and wishes him the best, younger brother puts tacks in older brothers shoes.

Beautiful way of putting it.
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If we only have one system, we won't have to worry about Kingdom Hearts being stretched across multiple platforms.
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