Final Fantasy 8 or Final Fantasy 9? Which is better?

#61cimoaPosted 1/3/2013 9:06:52 PM
i prefer FF IX myself
#62apopagasmPosted 1/3/2013 9:09:17 PM
8 was my favorite for severeal years and then i played 9 again and it became my very favorite game in general, but i love both a lot, really a lot
#63mistermikeymikePosted 1/3/2013 9:09:37 PM
8 better art/world/feel/characters
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#64pvrhyePosted 1/3/2013 9:10:16 PM
Virtually all of the comments are 9, but the poll isn't so lop sided. I suppose FF8 fans fear the hatin'.

9 for myself. 8 and 13 have been the only 2 I flatly haven't liked.
#65DarthBadgerPosted 1/3/2013 9:10:24 PM
Games like these shouldn't even be compared. Yeah they're in the same series, but they are so drastically different in story, art, gameplay, presentation, and everything else that they are hardly in the same genre.
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#66donkeyjackPosted 1/3/2013 9:13:08 PM
FF9 since 2000.
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#68KarnRX78Posted 1/3/2013 9:35:20 PM
pvrhye posted...
Virtually all of the comments are 9, but the poll isn't so lop sided. I suppose FF8 fans fear the hatin'.

9 for myself. 8 and 13 have been the only 2 I flatly haven't liked.

There is no point in expressing like for VIII and XIII. Just like there is no point in expressing VII's flaws.

The people who hate VIII will hate it no matter what I or anyone who likes VIII states. But notice how all the haters of VIII and IX really don't explain why they hate said game.

As a 13 year old kid I hated VIII. But as I grew older I started to appreciate VIII for the quirks and the absurd that is in the game. At 13 I thought VII was the best thing ever, but as I got older it's flaws became ever apparent to me. Those flaws have a charm though, which still makes VII enjoyable.

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DalekZero posted...
FF VIII had bland enviroments, a pissweak story, a horrible combat system with useless magic skills, redonkulously long battle animations when summoning a "GF" (monster), little to no weapon customization, the worst final battle in FF (final boss enters into combat with random party members....maybe not ones you've leveled....), and Squall (MC) is the most unlikable son of a b*tch ever to stain the title of "protaganist".
so yeah, final fantasy IX

Your post made me shake my head.

Bland environments? FFVIII? No.

Weak story? Sounds like you didn't understand it. It's an amazing story, just poorly executed.

Useless magic...kind of have a point. Magic ALWAYS has a use, it's just often better not to use since it's essentially equipment.

Little to no weapon customization...meh. You customize all of that through junctioning, since it's through junctioning that you raise your attack stat, and give your weapons and armor properties such as added effect-Zombie, or absorb fire. It's actually MORE customization than the other games, except for the visual aspect.

Long summons? They're there so you can use the boost ability to increase the summon damage. And if you're relying on summoning and using them that often in the game, you're doing it wrong.

Worst final boss because she enters combat with random members? How so? If one dies they're replaced with another member. I don't see how that makes her the worst. When I played the game, 2/3 of the party picked for the final battle was people I never bothered to use (The only 2 of the 6 characters I never used). They died in less than 4 turns and were immediately replaced--Squall never even entered the battle.

And Squall is unlikable? His personality is initially abrasive, but he's without question the most realistic protagonist in the series (at least more so than Cloud, Zidane, Terra, Yuna and anyone before them), and is one of the most memorable, popular and iconic characters of the series...So whether he's unlikable or not...most people seem to like him anyway.
#70F1areaGamanPosted 1/3/2013 9:45:04 PM
I'm glad the consensus is now correct.

FFIX is honestly a better game than FFVII and FVIII.

It really is, go back and play it.
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