Preparing to sell my Vita if sales don't improve soon

#31j2zon2591Posted 1/7/2013 5:57:49 PM
Sell it.

Invest on a new smartphone and a 3DS instead.

CES 2013 just dumped on the VITA.
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Sell it, then I hope you feel really miserable when Sony announce the obvious price drop and it starts selling.

Because that's obviously gonna happen. It just need a price drop as a little push to sell. It sold at 200$ for the bundle on black friday, which means there is a demand for it at a little lower price point.

Lowering it to 200$ would make it sell. Lowering it to something like 179-189$ and we'd be able to go on the 3DS board and say it sucks because the vita at this price would start killing the 3DS.

Really, outside first party games, the 3DS doesn't have much of anything at all. I got harvest moon a new beginning, kingdom hearts 3d and I am waiting for rune factory 4. The 3DS has nothing to offer. Monster Hunter is garbage. It only works in japan and really, don't kid yourself, Nintendo only has timed exclusivity, this will probably make it to the vita at some point.
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NovaCast posted...
Enjoy selling your system and only getting a bit less than half of what you paid for it initially.

I see a variety of deals on online sites, and Craigslist people are selling their vita with games for $150-$180 and most of them look barely used.

Yet even with these deals no one wants to buy them anyways so chances are you are either not going to come across someone who will buy it for your price or end up selling it for very low.

Was this system given to you? I can't picture someone buying a system with no current games they like and just ''hoping'' and waiting the game they want will eventually come out ( if at all).

I got the AC3 bundle for $180 and sold Liberation for $30 so I essentially got it for $150.
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It doesn't matter if it's doing well in sales. Only if you like it.
Games? Er... LBP?
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Sailor Goon posted...
mike_411 posted...
shame you need a system to sell well in order to enjoy it.


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So when did it become a popularity thing rather than a gaming thing? Stupid kids.
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#37Kamek85Posted 1/7/2013 6:31:15 PM
A price cut would provide a temporary boost but is still too little too late. The environment has changed. The days where a console or handheld can suddenly pick up steam and widespread adoption long after its release are gone.

Nintendo was right to cut the price of the 3DS so quickly in response to tepid sales, but even they are fighting an uphill battle in an era of smartphones and tablets. In my view, both handhelds are fundamentally flawed for not having better integrated tablet and / or phone functionality. Better to just scrap this round and move on to the next generation as they did with the Game Boy Color.
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Wait until E3.
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mike_411 posted...
shame you need a system to sell well in order to enjoy it.

Last I checked you need a system to have games to enjoy it.
So if Nintendo changed the name of the Wii - U, would they be pulling a U-Wii?
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Last I checked you need a system to have games to enjoy it.

ic, that must explains why i enjoy the vita so much
PSVita no games?