What singe game made you thankful for buying a vita?

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3 years ago#31
not really thankful for any one game, I'd have to say I appreciate the cross-play the most. nice to be able to play sound shapes on vita or ps3 and progress through the same cloud sync. but yeah no single game for me really
3 years ago#32
ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 and little big planet ...first lbp game i played and so much more amazing then i ever could have imagined, borrowed lbp 2 for ps3 from a friend and its just not the same, theres something about the vita that makes lbp work
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3 years ago#33
Sounds to me like a lot of people should have just bought themselves a ps3.
3 years ago#34
Wipeout 2048 on launch day.
3 years ago#35
Persona 4: Golden. It was the sole reason why I even got one.

Then I found out I could buy Valkyria Chronicles 2 on the PS3 PSN Store (but not on the Vita. Hmm...) and about VLR and Gravity Rush. At this point, I'm considering of investing on my Vita now. If only Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep was on PSN, then I'd be happy.

I don't want to emulate or get a PSP. just for it though.
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3 years ago#36
hatsune miku project diva f
3 years ago#37
Persona 4 Golden
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3 years ago#38
All of the games I've bought for the Vita have made me thankful for buying a Vita. But I think the game that wowed me the most had to have been Uncharted.
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3 years ago#39
esehomie14 posted...
Persona 4 Golden

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3 years ago#40


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