Persona 4 Golden was sold out in gamestop so I bought...

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P4G is also on the PSN store if you're ok with digital downloads all my Vita games minus P4G(Was 35$ with free 1 day shipping from Amazon and was a preorder so I got the skin.) are from the PSN store since I got the Vita for free with a 32GB card like 4 months ago.

I would like to, but I already have a lot of DD games on my 4 gig. I need to buy a bigger memory soon.

You should keep an eye out to see if Sony has another sale on memory cards they had the 32GB at 60$ a month ago.
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Any Atlus game with SMT in the name is almost always in stock or reprinted on Amazon, try there if you are still interested.
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It's a limited print, because it only sold about 50k in the US.

it only sold 50k because it was limited print. The exact same thing happened to ToTA on the 3DS
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DalekZero posted... should have plenty.