can i download vita games onto ps3 then copy them to vita?

#1Retro_CuddlesPosted 1/14/2013 10:44:02 PM
my local store only has cheapest psn cards and it costs alot to buy 2 or 3. but the store i order games from online has the most expensive version of the psn cards. so its cheaper to order from them online and have them email me the code thing. but i dont have wifi at home :S
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#2EseenuzPosted 1/14/2013 11:03:47 PM
The answer to your question is Yes
#3RoachmeatPosted 1/14/2013 11:48:03 PM
Eseenuz posted...
The answer to your question is Yes

And its definitely recommended over wireless transmissions if you have a slow connection. Long downloads are known to pause if your Vita switches to 'sleep' mode in the middle of them.

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