Nintendo fans , what stops you buying a Vita ?

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adroge01 posted...
I've got the 3DS, and Wii U. Nothing stopped me from buying the Vita. I did get it last, but I did get it eventually.

Vita is awesome! I prefer the Vita now.

People say lack of games, but actually the ones that are out right now are great. That was the reason I initially didn't get it. I mistakenly thought I wouldn't be interested in what's presently out for the Vita. After trying it the games, I realized I was wrong.

I think about 90% of gamers who don't have Vita are actually in this boat. For lack of a better word, ignorant.
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The fact that there is over 250 responses explains the state of this board.
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Wow I didn't think so many Nintendo fans were on here. But seriously from what I can tell there are A LOT of people interested in the Vita for 1 reason or another.

I think it's up to Sony to not give anyone a reason not to buy a Vita. Give everyone what they want. Because honestly I don't see a handheld console this powerful coming out for a while yet, they just need more games to please more people.
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They reassure themselves with lots of fake reasons. But the real reason is just money. Since they cant afford Vita, they must hate it in order to feel good. I know this is a generalization, but it fits all the evidence.

Well, yeah, I can't afford to blow my money on a system that doesn't have enough games to justify buying it. It's a down economy, and we can't all whine to Daddy for the money.

And no, I don't hate Sony, and I don't hate the Vita. Just some of its owners.

Read my first sentence again. Also, if you "hate" some Vita owners, and don't own a Vita, why are you even on this forum???

Because some of you guys have such a complete disconnect from reality that it's hilarious.
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Its funny when people think highly of themselves on Gfaqs.