Persona 4 Anime

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You can always go watch the Persona Trinity Soul anime (lol)
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I hated the Gantz movies. I don't know why. I thought they were badly done.
But i never like LA adaptations of my animes OR shows. So, my opinion on it is not really valid.
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Valkerion757 posted...
Everytime I see someone say watch Hellsing, I have an exact idea of what that person looks like irl.

then again I never watched it myself... probably should... doubt it though lol.

Hellsing+Ghost in the Shell+persona+gantz=what do i look like irl?

For Animeic flavor we can add Serial Experiments:lain, Akira, Hellgirl, xxxholic, Darker Than black, Super Milk Chan, Shin Chan, Hikaru No Go, Noein, witchblade*disney hentai* and FLCL... so please... what do i look like. Stereotype me up. :P

I keep hearing rumors of the gantz comic, is there an english translation?
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