Do you guys think the Vita will pick up momentum and outsell the Nintendo 3DS?

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Lord Erieos is coming...
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Ps3 sells a billion units a week, dawg. My boi Nintendo don't even come close.
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Change the poll to be vita vs wii u and it might be a close on.
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theres 25 of them now...

EDIT:24 1/2 counting that one guy.
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ThePonyCollie posted...
Nintendo knew their system was average at best compared to the Vita that's why they did a price drop just before the Vita's release.

Before the price cut, and without any big exclusives, the 3DS was still selling 20-30K a week in Japan. The Vita, by contrast, struggles to stay above 10K.

The price cut is what made it a curbstomp, but even without it the 3DS would have comfortably outsold the Vita.
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LOL, not a snowballs chance in hell, ESPECIALLY in Japan (where 3DS frequently outsells PS Vita 20:1). Vita is dead in the water right now.. 3DS could literally stop selling any more copies right now and it would still take Vita a few years to catch up. Only the most die-hard delusional Sony fanboy thinks Vita has ANY chance at outselling the 3DS.

Yes because nothing will ever make vita sell at a faster rate right? Go away troll, 3DS had a price drop vita didn't, that's the only reason 3DS is selling so much more and a single price drop doesn't guaranty a gen lead no matter how desperate or early it was.

Demondog is right.

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The 3 steps for the Vita to shine

Step 1. Memory card price drop

Step 2. System price drop

Step 3. Metal Gear Acid 3
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SarcChigaimasu posted...
Humanity has not yet reached a point in their evolution where they know better than to purchase Nintendo products. So no, the Vita will likely not catch up, despite being a better product.


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ServantOfErieos posted...
Wait, how we'll is the ps3 selling? That's right.

Drones, hol' dat.

The PS3 is selling about 1/5th what the 3DS is selling each week.

Why do you ask?
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Lifetime maybe.

lol, Spirit.