Do you guys think the Vita will pick up momentum and outsell the Nintendo 3DS?

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  3. Do you guys think the Vita will pick up momentum and outsell the Nintendo 3DS?
2 years ago#81
Definitely won't be outselling it any time soon.
But I'm sure it will improve a whole lot.
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2 years ago#82
lol'd @ great 3DS library.

Really shouldn't be THAT obvious.
Lord Erieos is coming...
2 years ago#83
Momentum? Most likely

Outsell the 3DS? When hell freezes over
"When you come at the king you best not miss"
2 years ago#84
That's assuming there's momentum to pick up from...

Vita might as well be going backwards... until Namco releases Tales of Hearts R and Innocence R. Then I'll get one.
2 years ago#85
Solnot posted...
What do you guys predict?

It will always.. ALWAYS play second fiddle to Ninty in terms of sales.
2 years ago#86
At least 57 people are being paid by Sony on these boards.
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2 years ago#87
^^The reality is even sadder.

They aren't.
2 years ago#88
I love my Vita but voted no... It will pick up momentum over time... I don't think there is a chance it will catch and pass the 3DS... I don't care if it does I just want good games... I'll let other people worry about it catching the 3DS...
2 years ago#89
It can pick up momentum (It needs to pick up momentum badly) but outselling the 3DS lol never. Unless you mean in a strictly 1:1 basis over a short period or something (Even then something big would have to come out for the Vita and the 3DS would have to go into some freak drop saleswise or have some massive PR disaster), if you mean lifetime sales wise lol even if Nintendo decided to scrap the 3DS right now the Vita would still have trouble catching it.
2 years ago#90
Nightmare637 posted...
Boomh posted...
ServantOfErieos posted...
gray_fox_00 posted...
No, nothing outsells a Nintendo handheld system.








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  3. Do you guys think the Vita will pick up momentum and outsell the Nintendo 3DS?

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