Do you guys think the Vita will pick up momentum and outsell the Nintendo 3DS?

#91FlaccidKratosPosted 1/19/2013 1:33:37 AM
Summer Olympics killed the Vita sales. Sales don't matter. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Wait for E3.
#92Spetsnaz420Posted 1/19/2013 1:57:35 AM
KogaSteelfang posted...
I don't think it can catch up to Nintendo.
I do think it can drastically improve though.

Pretty much this...there's nothing wrong with not outselling's not the goal for Sony either...never was
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#93Panic_at_discoPosted 1/19/2013 10:29:06 AM
Not with those prices and games. Greedy bastards. Still trying to sell the same overpriced bundels .vita + a game and useless little 4Gb for a ridiculously high price.
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#94serenade_betaPosted 1/19/2013 10:37:38 AM
Spetsnaz420 posted...
it's not the goal for Sony either...never was

LOL sure.
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#95BlestsolPosted 1/19/2013 10:56:40 AM
#96GameNextPosted 1/19/2013 11:05:45 AM
It will pick up momentum if Sony starts caring. But will it outsell the 3DS?
Not at this point, I don't see it happening.
#97mizukage2Posted 1/19/2013 12:16:13 PM
Pick up momentum? Yes.

Pick up enough to outsell the 3DS? Haha no.
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Compass posted...
Does Lume have today off? I notice ServantofSony is filling in nicely.

He has to be one of the people who actually voted "yes".
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#99REMercsChampPosted 1/19/2013 12:27:31 PM
Voted yes. The vita is making a killer comeback...just look at those sick games on the horizon. escapeVektor (a true classic), Gun Commando, Rachet and Clank...this baby is going to make nintendo bankrupt and their employees homeless
#100Biezulbub669Posted 1/19/2013 12:28:28 PM
jeez @ the poll results. I was one of the few that voted "Yes" lolzzz.
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