top ten psp games on vita?

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User Info: Kyoshiro12345

4 years ago#21
i got more but these are my fav
my psn is japanese so prob some wont be on your network.

1 Bleach heat the soul 6
2 Bleach heat the soul 7
3 Chrono Cross
4 Rockman Dash 1 (megaman legends)
5 Rockman Dash 2
6 Metal gear solid Peace walker
7 Final Fantasy Type-0
8 Voltage Fighter Gowkaizer
9 Armored Core project Phantasm
10 Final Fantasy v

yeah those are pretty good games and i will keep buying more, gonna complete the FF series on my vita, good thing i have 2 32g cards.
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User Info: Rehab520

4 years ago#22
Here's some of my top psp games, all but one is playable on the vita.

my top 2: (these are must-haves in my opinion)

1. GTA: Liberty City Stories
2. Resistance: Retribution

The rest in no particular order

Dead Head Fred
Burnout: Dominator
Twisted Metal: Head-On (doesn't work on vita yet)
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Tekken 6
UFC Undisputed 2010 (not nearly as good as the console version, but its still plenty of fun)

Also I Like that Ice Age Hunter game, Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling, and Monopoly but those are minis.
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User Info: nyo_akio

4 years ago#23
1. Ryu Ga Gotoku Black Panther 2: Asura Hen
2. Ryu Ga Gotoku: Black Panther
3. Gachitora! Rowdy Teacher in High School
4. Kenka Banchou Bros. Tokyo Battle Royale
5. Kenka Banchou 4: One Year War
6. One Piece Romance Dawn
7. Kenka Banchou 5
8. Kenka Banchou Portable
9. Kenka Banchou 3
10. Wangan Midnight Portable

These are mostly only on the Japanese PSN with an exception of Kenka Banchou 3 (Badass Rumble) in America.
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