How come Japan gets al lthe Vita games and we don't ?

#41WhiteSword7Posted 1/21/2013 6:51:55 AM
OtakuGamera posted...
Why ? Can't they just hold back the release date for the game until they are ready for a world wide simultaneous release ? Europe and Australia are the same region PAL. Don't they just have to do the regions and the languages ?

do you think it's as simple as translating to english and it's done? no, they need to change and edit the whole entire code, they need to delete every single japanese dialogue from the code and replace them all with english, they need to do more bug testing, then they need to market, publicize their games, and get major retailers like walmart and gamestop to reserve shelf space to stock their games, which most would not ever do because it is a niche market, so you're left with no retailer to market your games.

Digital Only is possible though...
Especially atelier totori plus... they have translated it in the past and they don't even bother to release it digital only..

Jpn dev logic.
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