why arent there any 13 for `13 sales for the Vita???

#1JONlCSPosted 1/22/2013 8:45:38 AM
come on, 5 bux for stranger's wrath LOL
#2stargazer64Posted 1/22/2013 8:47:19 AM
I no rite.

But hey, we should get a free ps mobile game today. And free Foosball for plus members.
What? You pooped in the refrigerator? And you ate the whole... wheel of cheese? How'd you do that? Heck, I'm not even mad; that's amazing.
#3JONlCS(Topic Creator)Posted 1/22/2013 8:49:14 AM
lol, free foosball. i was gonna buy that journey collection for teh free 1 month trial of ps+. gonna buy LBP karting for 10 bux LOL.