Resident Evil: Revelations coming to 360/PS3/PC/Wii U... no Vita.

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AceAndJunpei posted...
Resident Evil doesn't matter.

Simply Abysmal
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AbysmalTrinity posted...
AceAndJunpei posted...
Resident Evil doesn't matter.

something a vita fanboy would say.
rumors about bleach getting cancelled,hope its just a rumor.
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I already have RE: Revelations on the 3DS. Honestly, if I were to buy it again, it'd only be for a home console with updated graphics and extras.
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LOL @ this..


No Western One Piece..

and TOM: more Nintendo news HAHA!


Every passing minute, Destination Playstation would need to have something VERY VERY big xD
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AbysmalTrinity posted...
AceAndJunpei posted...
Resident Evil doesn't matter.

I actually really enjoyed Revelations on the 3DS. I think it was a step in the right direction. Almost all shooters I have played revolve around killing everything. This was a nice change of pace, and I hope we get more similar games.
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I've got this on the 3DS and while I enjoyed the game I did feel it was being held back by the 3DS hardware.

So its good news that its coming to consoles. Can't decide if to get it on PS3 or Wiiu.
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ugoo18 posted...
Anyone holding out hope for that MH4 Vita port should pretty much scrap that now, if it's not even getting RE:R (Which every other system is getting) then i doubt Capcom would put their big seller on a platform that's doing as badly as the Vita is doing in Japan right now.

I really can't imagine their console ports sold that badly. But this is pretty much what is going on.

Did Sony kill their dog or something?
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as long as it's coming on PC it's fine, nothing beats playing a game with the best specifications on a 100'' screen in 3d
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GradyHoover posted...
This board, in general, is pretty consistent in its non-stop trolling. There are very few fans: it's a board of 95% trolls now, and it's pathetic.

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