How old is the average vita poster?

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lol @ a lot of kids thinking they are older than 18.

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23 in March. I think I post often enough to count.
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mmm im 24 25 in a week :)... most times i post daily sometimes i take a break from the vita forums to show some love to the ps3 360 and pc forums too :)
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My family got our first game system when I was 2 for Christmas 1990. It was an NES.
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PlayaMadeTxn05 posted...
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25 goin on 26. Five months away from being a faja.

Farjer? Whats a farjer?

A daddy = )


Thank ya. Just found out it was a girl Sunday.

Gettn ma gun license as soon as I can. = |

(straight face)

Do it. Sons of b***** touch your little girl, theu deserve a face full of metal. Oh, and 17.
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I'm 22.
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I'm 27. Fully behind the vita but tend to lurk due to the doom n gloom and bashing on here.
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about as old as the average CoD player = 10
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